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My First Liebster Award

Hello pieces!
I am excited to announce that I am the recipient of the lovely Liebster Award! How exciting! I was nominated by the lovely Shawna from The Modern Musings.

It is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers(I have a couple more than 200 right now but when I was nominated I had just under that) so they can get some face time on other new blogs.The person giving the award gives the 11 nominees 11 questions they have to answer. Then the nominees answer said 11 questions,  nominate 11 new people, and ask 11 new questions. It’s a pretty cool cycle for new bloggers.

Note: I have seen variations of the Liebster Award where the person giving the award gives 11 facts about themselves. In recent Liebster Award posts I’ve seen, this part has been nixed. If you want to give readers 11 facts about yourselves, by all means, please do!  

The Rules:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominates you.
  2. Answer the questions given by the person who nominates you.
  3. Nominate 11  other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know they’ve been nominated!

Here are the questions Shawna had for me!

  1. Are you living the life you wanted? Yes or no, and why/how did you get there?
    THis is a tricky question… it think that I didn’t know what I wanted from life until I met Steven and realized that where I am now is what I always wanted. I got here through a series of mistakes but met an amazing man in the mix along the way!
  2. When you scroll through Twitter/Blog Lovin or any other type of social media for blogs, what types of blog posts jump out at you the most? What topics do you like to read over and over?
    I love reading organization and adventure posts. I also LOVE tutorial posts!
  3. Do you like more serious or humorous blogs? Or both??
    Both for sure, I love my poetry blogging friends just as much as I love my slice of life bloggers!
  4. You are given $5,000 bucks you HAVE to spend on yourself somehow. Where would you go/what would you do/buy?
    I’d spend it on a new editing computer, I’d pay off some student loans, and probably jump start my etsy shop.
  5. What actor strikes your fancy currently? And why?
    Bill Murray…. because Bill Murray.
  6. If you could live anywhere where would it be and why?
    Iceland because its my dream to be there someday, it will happen I promise! Its just beautiful and everything is happy and wonderful there.
  7. You are in a karaoke bar. You MUST sing…what is your go to song?
    I think my all time favourite song I have ever sung for Karaoke…. has to be “I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE! DEM OTHER BROTHAS CAN’T DENY”
  8. What is the ONE thing your dream home MUST have?
    Wrap around porch! AND A PORCH SWING!
  9. First concert you ever went to?
    Less Than Jake,  Gold Finger, Big D and the Kids Table, Suburban Legends! SKA SHOW YA!
  10. Biggest regret(ooo deep question).
    I regret nothing in my life, aside from not saying yes more. How could I regret something that might have altered my life in a way that I wouldn’t be where I am now!? I couldn’t I love my life!
  11. Why do you blog?
    I blog because I have a lot of thoughts but I’m a super shy human being. Can’t really share my ideas the same as other people, so this is where I do that!

And here are my nominees! PLEASE NOTE THAT I DIDN’T ABIDE BY THE 200 followers rule, because I have no idea how many followers you all have!

1. Sam from Pinkerbell’s World
2. Terry from Write.Create.Connect
3. Azra Momin
4. Sarsi from LittleMissSarsi
5. Emily from Little Infinities
6. Desiree from Love Desiree
7. Valerie from Indecisively Restless
8. Amy from Allsprice and Acrylics
9. Lalumii from A little bit kinder
10. Nina from Rips in my Pockets
11. Becca from Becca’s Book Affair

I enjoyed the questions above so much that I would like my nominees to answer them as well!!

Thanks for stopping by!



Family Day Flash Fiction

Once upon a time… nah its not that kind of story. One day, someone did something super wonderful that some how lead my family to existence, and whoever that was, I have to thank. I’m not sure if I should start searching back to the old country, or if I should just settle down and thank him for being in his driveway at the right time on the right day so that he could see my mom. He changed our lives and I can’t thank him enough.

There is mama bird, who always knows when she is needed. She protects her nest and babies and keeps everything from falling apart!
My baby sister, who is becoming less baby-ish each day, lets not talk about how shes taller than me know! Spreading her wings!
My beautiful step sister, world traveller, model of so many forms, sipping love from life’s glass.
My step brother, who works so hard at everything he does, and openly loves and cares for his family more than anyone I know!
And lastly, my heroic step dad who swooped in a picked us up in the knick of time. Don’t know what I’d do without someone as sarcastic, hilarious and as caring as you.

Love you,
Happy Family Day,
The oldest baby,

One Word Challenge: Tomorrow


You know how everyone always says “Tomorrow Never Knows,” like they are they are trying so hard to be whimsical and free, but inside everyone knows that its not true. We all know what our tomorrows are going to bring. Unless you are out living on the land in the alps or something insane where you don’t even know if your tomorrow is going to exist… then that quote might apply to you.
I was one of those people that through that quote into any situation I could, because I thought I was being positive and thoughtful and ironic, but I was young then, and no one told me that I was growing up into a life of predetermined tomorrows. I mean my days are filled with positivity, writing, my loved ones and things that make me happy, but what if thats not enough sometimes? Does that make me selfish? Should I just be happy and content with that?
Is it possible to be stuck in a happy rut? Because if so I am totally there. I put myself through hell and back everyday, watching the saddest things on netflix so that I can feel something other than ecstatic for a little while.
I swear sometimes I think too much about what goes on in my head, as though I haven’t fully recovered, like maybe I’m crazy and everyone else is too nice to say anything.
So no, I think tomorrow knows whats up, I’m going to wake up at 4am like I always do, try to get back to sleep, succumb to my writerly needs and get up around 6 to write things and catch up on homework, that I feel is neverending. I’m going to try not to eat everything in my apartment, and I’ll say I’m going outside to go do something but I won’t, and then I’ll make some excuse to not go to school, and then I’ll just sit around playing Skyward or 2048… and pretend that I am productive.
Hope this wasn’t ranty! Hope you like my new fancy domain name!!
And also I got a new fancy pants email (mazie(at)!
Email me stuff!
Are you in a happy rut?
Lets talk about it!

Planning for Beginners: Planner Inserts

Hey there Pieces!
As you may notice I have finally moved into my new domain! I have had the .com for a while but it was a simple redirect, now I am over here for good, so please please please change your bookmarks to this domain!

Today we are going to talk about INSERTS for planners. Now this mostly is for the binder ring planner people, but it could be for everyone. I know that a lot of talented crafty people actually can turn bound planners in to spiral planners, and spiral planners in to ring planners. I am NOT one of those talented people. I will just live with what I have! This being said, you can add inserts to spiral planners as well, but punching little holes and taking the binding out. There are youtube videos on it, but I will curate those another day!

Today I am going to show you different kinds of inserts that I have come across, and ones that I enjoy!
There are the normal planner refills from kikki k. that come with the weekly views and monthly views, I don’t believe that all packages come with the note pages or address pages, but thats fine, they are still nice and roomy and easy to decorate and love!


If you are looking for really nice address and contact inserts, Kate Spade’s are amazingly cute, but really expensive.


If you want basic and straight to the point insert, go with Filofax! They don’t “waste time” on beauty, but they strive for functionality.


il_570xN.725304578_4b0z il_570xN.725434781_mh26

If you are looking for notepaper, PrettyPaperPassion on etsy has some of the most adorable inserts! I’m actually in love. Etsy is an amazing source for EVERY insert you need. And if you can’t find what you need, often times you can ask someone to make them specifically for you. NEAT RIGHT?




Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.14.04 AM
Paper Chase sells some super inexpensive inserts and planner refills, in a set or by section. This is an example of a set of inserts with the dividers included. I personally make my own dividers, so I never buy sets that come with them, its just a waste for me, but I think its smart of people who buy new planners to always get the inserts. Not everyone has time to create their own set up right away!

One tip I have for you is ALWAYS buy the Webster’s Pages Color Crush planner WITH inserts. They are a little bit different in size, and you may end up having to trim and punch new ones yourself. Their inserts look really nice and functional, but to me, functionality really just means how many cat sticky notes can I fit in that box?

What inserts do you use? Why? Share them below in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!

Planning for Beginners: SPIRAL Vs. BINDERS

Hey Pieces,
I am excited to bring to you today a post that I have been thinking about for a very long time! The on going battle between spiral bound planners and binder ring planners. Each form has its own amazing qualities so we’re just going to dive right into it.
Starting with the spiral bound planners:


We have the world renown Erin Condren. The one that brought new meaning to the spiral planner. These planners are ideal for the busiest of humans who need to keep track of nearly everything under the sun. The planners have upgraded over the years with sturdy metal rings and now changeable covers! The planner comes with a week on two page spread that breaks down each day into morning, noon and night which is useful for people with multiple responsibilities each day. The only problem I have ever heard of is that the tabs bend and the plastic pouch isn’t as sturdy, but that is an inconsistent complaint that I can’t prove, as I have never personally owned this planner.

Next is the Simplified Planner , which is a close contender to the Erin Condren! The pages are thick and great quality, the rings are huge which saves space for inserts and adding pages as well as the multiple dividers make for lots of organization. This planner is a little on the pricey side for a spiral bound, but its a coveted planner none the less.


The last spiral planner I want to bring up is the ever so lovely and beautifully customizable, Plum Paper Designs! Found on etsy, this planner is entirely customizable from the cover to the insert styles. You have multiple choices for what layout you would like, as well as all kinds of add ons, to make your planner perfect just for you. Its a very affordable planner, but the etsy shipping is a little bit steep, but believe me I have seen one in person, I have held on in my hands, it is glory in planner form, and I hope to own one some day! If I had to recommend any of these three spiral planners, I would definitely say Plum Paper.

Now on to the binder ring planners:


The godfather of ring planners is without a doubt the Filofax, as it has brought so many binder concepts to the table. The brand is one of the most popular planner companies, as it is known for its mature in fashion look and reliable strength and durability. They come in a variety of colours and the inserts that come with it are great quality for especially for someone who is working. The best thing about binders is that you can purchase or download and print your own inserts. Etsy sells all kinds of great inserts specific to your needs (ie. student, mom, business owner). Filofax is at the more expensive side of planners, but they are worth the money.


Next up is my personal favourite, the lovely Kikki K planners! They are known for their beauty and flawless colour stories, along with their other adorable stationery! The great thing about binders is that you can have multiple covers and pick which one you want to use each day, simply switching your inserts from one binder to the next. That is something that sold me on the ring binders, even though I use a spiral planner as my day planner and a binder for my references and tracking. My boyfriend just bought me my first kikki k and I am in love already!


And lastly, the most cost efficient brand name option I have found is the Websters Pages Colour Crush! They are super popular and you have to buy them on ebay or on the planner facebook pages if you are interested, because they seem to always be sold out on the website but they are so inexpensive and the dividers that you can buy to match the colours are absolutely beautiful. My favourite on it the white with the gold on the inside. All of the planners have different colours on the inside which make them even more gorgeous and great for decorating and coordinating. The only thing I don’t love is that they sizes seem to be a little off from a normal filofax or kikki k size, which can be frustrating when you want new inserts and what not.

What is your favourite planner style? Tell me why! Add photos of your planner if you’d like!!

Planning for Beginners: Bullet Journaling

Hey there pieces, hope you had a lovely week!

Today we are going to talk about Bullet Journaling, a simple and inexpensive alternative to the average planner.

The video above was created by the team that perfected this method and its more explanatory than I could ever get.


The first thing you need to do is to find a key system that works for you. The photo above is a pretty example of some symbols that can be used to organize your notes and lists. I recommend that you use a notebook that you are comfortable using, as well as you have to think about the length of time you want to carry the same book around, if you don’t mind how long then pick a thicker book, but if you don’t want to carry around a heavy book just pick a composition book. On average, if you use the system on a daily basis, you will go through a few in a year.


There is also flexibility in this system to put down anything you need to keep track of, with the use of an index. I tried to keep track on monthly tasks, events and reading lists, as well as weekly to dos.


And here is an example of a daily spread. Some days are shorter than others, but that is the beauty of this system, its all about using only the space you need. Its simple and to the point, and great for people who want to optimize their organization without spending money on the fancy planners, then this is the way for them. There are so many great videos about different systems of bullet journalling, if you haven’t seen any videos by MaeBad on youtube then definitely check out her youtube for some great tips for the Bullet system!

I personally do not use this system anymore, just because I really like my premade pretty planners, but there is nothing stopping bullet journals from being decorated and beautiful as well. Its an amazing way of keeping track of everything.

Do you use the Bullet Journal System? Please please post your photos and tips in the comments below, I’d love to see them!
See you tomorrow with more Planning for Beginners!

February Affiliate Feature: Staying Strong 24/7

Hey pieces, I’d like to welcome you to my first ever Affiliate Feature! Each month I will introduce my sponsors and I will introduce them and let them tell you about themselves and what they do! Being the first month we only have one person to introduce, but I hope that after this you might consider purchasing ad space as well! Click on the Ad link in the sidebar for more information.
And now to kick off the spotlight, meet Staying Strong 24/7!
“My name is Jessica and I am 20 years old. I am in the Journalism program at my local college. I love sitting in the lazyboy with a warm, cozy blanket and writing, with a Pepsi on the end table. I am a very organized, task-oriented, hardworking person when it comes to school and blogging. But I also know how to relax. I relax by enjoying comedy and reality/documentary type TV shows, and playing word/strategic board or card games. I also enjoy music very much. I always have music playing at home or earphones in my ear when I’m out.”

“I like to think of myself as a mental health advocate. I help friends and even strangers, who suffer from mental health and personal issues. I educate myself about mental health and make myself aware of the problems we face in society. I suffer from depressive episodes and anxiety myself. I spend a lot of my time taking care of my mental health, as well as helping others. I decided to make this blog to help others stay strong and share advice, as well as sharing my journey in this thing we call life. Each of my posts has a purpose and a way to help someone, no matter what the topic is. I try and post as often as I can. I want to help others, be an inspiration, and expand my advocacy to reach more people. I figured this blog may be a start.”

Go check out her website and her facebook page for my information! :)

One Word Challenge: Almost Rare


I have noticed that these challenge posts have been more like diary entries, and I hope that everyone is enjoying them as much as I have been enjoying writing them. I’ve mentioned before that I love writing this kind of post, but a lot of my content doesn’t call for personal talk. These kinds of insights are pretty rare to come by, especially now that this isn’t a recovery blog, but a wellness blog. Sometimes its difficult for me to open up and share how I’m feeling with the people in my life, I mean I almost always end up talking about it with my mom, but on this blog its easier. I feel protected or hidden. Which probably isn’t right seeing as this is a public domain, where anyone and everyone can read about me. I used to write with a fake persona when I was younger, I had fake accounts and I would write so openly, and so broadly. There was nothing holding me back from spilling my heart out, but now, there is so much at stake. My name is known around here, and I’m stretching out to different online mediums and so I can’t write about all the things I used to.
Recently I’ve been debating changing my facebook account name completely, in hopes to protect myself that way, but I’m not sure that its worth it. I already go by Mazie Bones on there, so its not exactly my name, but its almost too close for comfort.
I get nervous about posting photos of myself anywhere now. And believe me, I was a selfie queen, I used to take one a day to see how I changed from day to day, but now its more rare than usual.
Am I just paranoid?
Am I the only one that is scared about posting my feelings on the internet?
Let me know!


Planning for Beginners: Mastering the BRAIN DUMP

Hey there Pieces!

Back in January when I posted about my planner system, a lot of questions rose about the Brain Dump. “What’s a brain dump?” or “What’s a trigger list?” were just a few of the most viable questions so I decided to break it down and teach everyone what I know about this amazing tool!

So the first thing you will need is a notebook you take around with you all the time anyways, or a notebook you don’t mind bringing around with you. For me, I use my older half used notebooks, so that I can use them up and store them after. A good example is this notebook below. It was formerly a school notebook for last semester but I have decided to make it my brain dump book, whenever I need to write something out of my head, it goes in here. This is an extension of my brain.


Its just a simple composition book from walmart, I got it in the summer for back to school. I was in love with the  geometric pattern!
The next thing you are going to want to do is take another piece of paper, and go through this master trigger list and write down all of the things that apply to you. The point of this is to write down only the triggers that you have to worry about, the less you have on the list, the quicker the brain dump will be, but be honest, don’t skip things just because you don’t want to make yourself think about them.
After you write them on your piece of paper, find a way to attach them to your notebook, it can also work as bookmark! **If you plan on dedicating a part of your planner or a whole notebook to this, I recommend you create an idea index at the front, and colour code it so that nothing gets lost, because depending on how busy your brain is, this book can get HECTIC. (mine does at least!)


The next step is going to be on a daily or nightly basis. Every night I sit down before bed, and I go through my trigger list. Its a list of things that I need to make myself think about, pertaining to work, freelance, school and projects. I just write out everything that comes into my brain when I think about those things and about 6 pages later I am left exhausted and calm.
I do this at night because it helps me sleep better if I have nothing in my head to worry about forgetting.


If there was one thing that I could recommend for you to do EVERY DAY, no matter what, it would be this. Honestly, this saves my sanity every day and I am so happy to share it with you. There is tonnes of information online about brain dumps or mind sweeps but this is the way that works for me!

Let me know if this helps you out at all.
Don’t forget to like and subscribe and share this post.
Find me on facebook, and feel free to comment below with your brain dump systems! :)

Have a lovely day!

Favourite January Things

January was a super busy month and I’m pretty thankful it’s over. January passing means I only have 2 more months of school left, as I finish on March 31rst! I feel like the time is going to drag by, but lets hope I’m wrong.

So for my favourites in January, I couldn’t possibly go back and find every single thing that I enjoyed, because a lot of the stuff I already have mentioned on the blog one way or another, but here are a few things I haven’t shown you yet!


This new target line of valentines gift packaging that came out, I am in love. (No pun intended)


My mum bought me these beauties from winners for Christmas! The hat is from H&M and she bought the mits and scarf to match! I am loving the colours and can’t get enough of the oranges and yellows!


Shutterfly and Snapfish sent me a bunch of free photos, so I went to town with decorating our bedroom. This year I really wanted to focus on inspiration and motivation, so I found a bunch of quotes and inspirational pictures and pinned them to my vision board.


I rearranged some of my wall art as well, to compensate for the attack of photos on the other walls. I really like how my nerdy wall turned out!


Got some more free photos from Snapfish and I am super pleased with how my little love banner turned out. This is right on the wall as you go into our bedroom, so its nice to see when we walking or wake up!


And finally the last pile of wonderfuls. First there is my beautiful new bag from H&M. I found it in the modern classic collection and I love all the little details. I originally bought this bag to replace my camera bag, but I am too in love with it, I can’t not use it every day! Then there is the Bill Murray notebook I bought at Coles! You all know how much I am obsessed with that man! *SIGH* And I found some awesome watercolour markers and colour coding tabs for my planner system. I haven’t found a full-proof system for them yet, but I’m sure I will need them eventually!

What did you love in January?
What are you up to this February?
Leave a comment and lets chat!
– Mazie

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